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Seagulls are a common sight today in our city centres as well as our coastal towns. Keeping Seagulls off a building can be a complicated process, and we would recommend a site survey from one of our specialist Surveyors to determine the most effective solution for you.

The vast majority of the enquiries we receive are from clients with Seagulls nesting on their rooftops. They specifically are concerned with the noise they make, the damage & mess they create, and the potential injuries they can cause to engineers that need to work on the roof, or sometimes just members of the general public when their aggressive behaviour takes hold as they fiercely protect their young.

Gulls are at their noisiest during their nesting season (April to July). The eggs are usually laid in April or May, and their young will hatch about 4 weeks later, before finally leaving the nest after another 5 to 6 weeks

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