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Pigeon Netting

Our Pigeon netting systems are the ideal solution to protect your building from birds. The nets are made from a UV stabilised polypropylene, which is attached using stainless steel fixings.

Netting Picture

Our fully trained Technicians are very experienced in installing netting, and all our jobs are always completed to the highest quality.

A well designed net system correctly installed will be hardly visible from the ground, unlike a poorly fitted net that affect a buildings aesthetic appearance.

Upon receiving your order we will provide you with full risk assessments and method statements, along with any other information you may need.

The building pictured is an example of our work, and how a net can effectively proof large areas of a building while not affecting its appearance.

Netting 0002

Netting 0003

However difficult it is to reach the treatment area, Clearup Bird Control have the access solution including the full range of  mobile elevated platforms seen in the picture here, to specialist access such as abseil.

Cap net.  This is a cap net installed to prevent pigeons gaining entry to an internal area.

Netting 0004

Netting 0005

The picture above shows the view from the ground of an office block that suffered from pigeons nesting all over the air conditioning equipment. As a result the entire area had to be cleaned every month at huge expense.  Clearup Bird Control installed a netting and spiking system to solve this problem. Our client no longer has to incur any more cleaning costs as the area is pigeon free!
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