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Pigeon Deterrent Gel (Fire Gel)

Pigeon Deterrent Gel can keep birds off a structure by altering their behaviour rather than acting as a physical barrier.

Birds will completely desert their habitat, even one they have occupied for years, once the gel has been applied.

Installed in low profile dishes only 10mm high, one distinct advantage of employing this method is that it deters birds from landing even when the dishes of gel are located behind the leading edge of a parapet or
ledge. This effectively makes the system invisible from ground level, so the aesthetic appearance of a building can be preserved and kept clean.

The gel is quick & easy to install. It can be used in and outdoors, and causes to damage to buildings. Developed by Bio-scientists, this system of control has already been successfully installed at thousands of sites across the world, including sea & airports, coastal oil terminals, military installations, offshore platforms, railway stations & bridges and historic buildings where birds have been a nuisance in the past. 

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