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The Grey Squirrel

Unlike the now rare Red Squirrel, the Grey Squirrel is not a native to the UK. A common site in our woodland and parks, but can also often invade our roof spaces and if not removed will cause significant damage. 

Breeding Habits
A squirrel will breed up to twice a year and have between 1 and 5 young in a litter. The warmth and undisturbed space in a loft, outhouse or storage area provides ideal conditions to nest. In doing so they will rip up insulation material, cause a lot of noise particularly at night and their very presence alone can be frightening. 

Risks posed by Squirrel Infestation.
In commercial premises they will attack stock in the search for food, leading to significant losses. Like all rodents they will gnaw constantly to control the growth of their incisor teeth. Unfortunately this all too often means electric cables being stripped to the copper causing not only big repair bills, but have also been known to cause fires. 

To rid your home or business of squirrels really needs the professional. Blocking entry holes alone will not stop a determined squirrel from finding his way back to his nest. They must be trapped and removed before any entry points are sealed. If you have a squirrel resident in your home or business, or even if they are simply visiting regularly, Clearup Solutions will be able to provide the right course of action and remove the problem.
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