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Anti Pigeon Sprung Wire Installations

Our sprung wired systems are the ideal solution for light to medium Pigeon populations. A series of stainless steel wires are installed across the surface to be protected. At one end they are attached to a spring, which when set at the precise tension will deny pigeons from landing without causing any harm to the bird. 

Sprung wires are also extremely discreet. The photographs below show a building in central London where our teams installed sprung wired systems to all the window cills. Virtually impossible to see from the ground, the photographs further on show a close up that illustrates how the system works.

Sl 383252

Above: All the window cills on the 1st & 2nd floors have had the sprung wire system installed.

Below: If you look closely at the close ups below you can just start to make out the installation. 

Sprungwires 0002 Sprungwires 0003
Sprungwires 0004

The wires are attached to a spring at one end, then the correct tension is set which will stop pigeons from landing.

In this instance we used a mobile hoist to reach the 1st & 2nd floor windows.

You can also just make out our anti perch spikes have also been installed on the electrical hardware just under the window ledge. Once we had completed our programme pigeons were not able to land anywhere on this building.

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